Icelandic lava stone painting – red & white

Lava stone size approximately 1-2 cm.

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What to do with the Icelandic lava stone paintings?

You can enjoy the Icelandic lava paintings in any way you like. You can, for example, glue several Icelandic lava stone paintings to the wall, making your own colour composition. Find a glue that works with stones. Put glue on the stones and attach them to the wall. Then put tape on the stones in order to hold them while the glue dries. Pull the tape off when the glue is dry.

You can also put a mirror on a flat surface and put the lava stone paintings on the mirror. It is also possible to decorate some containers or jars with the Icelandic lava stone paintings.

One lava stone painting on its own, makes a unique piece of nature from Iceland to enjoy in any way you like. Use your creativity to find additional ways to use the lava.


Each lava stone comes in a transparent fabric bag with a small information booklet, which makes it a perfect piece of Iceland to bring home as a gift for a loved one or as a souvenir from Iceland for yourself.

Note: The color is not always exactly the same as on the screen, and the form can also be different. The stones may also appear larger on the screen than they are in reality.

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